A new beginning

I remember my long-defunct first blog back in 2009. I was attending night courses about Macromedia software and web design, and this good friend next to me, in between jokes about Flash and Dreamweaver, told me that I should ‘write for the internet’.

I remember that those words were odd. In fact, I can’t remember his exact words, but they were along the lines of ‘write for the internet’. Like if “the internet” was some sort of person who was going to read my words. The audacity!

The only online presence I had back then was a website with my 3D designs since 2005 and exactly one email address. Perhaps I had a Facebook account, but I just cannot remember using it. Anyway, I took the advice to heart and began, literally, writing for the internet.

The topics were as random as you can imagine, mainly focused on personal experiences and a healthy dose of humor. Maybe I was way more naive at the time, not as cynical as I became later on. But I began to gain a nice influx of readers, especially after opening my first Twitter account in June and a Feedburner account so people could subscribe to my posts via RSS. I think it was some sort of email list as well.

The thing is that it feels like another life. Not to mention the hard reset I did in 2010 when I started what would be my blog in Spanish, focused almost exclusively on body language. Why the sudden change in direction? that’s a secret story for another day.

13 years later I think I need to start a third blog. Yes, I made a transition from Spanish to English in 2020, but it was the same blog I started ten years prior.

This is different.

And this is different, thanks to AI, Nope, these words are not digital or artificial. These are all me. But precisely, having the sensation that AI is going to take creativity by storm, I thought I had to do something to stay ahead of the curve.

AI is going to be marvelous. We won’t have to make another futile web search. It will have the answers right there, on the spot. It will build whatever we want, flawlessly. It will be the perfect assistant.

And the perfect assistant can help us focus on true creation.

This has happened many times throughout my life. I know what I have to do, I just don’t know why, or how I know it. This is one of those moments. I must move, push forward, remain at the vanguard. And if flawless digital assistants will become the norm, then flawed, fun and a little naive humans will be the exception.

Maybe I’m wrong. But there is only one way to find out…